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16th February 2012
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A couple of financial updates from Thompsons Accountants on the Isle of Man

Attribution Regime for Individuals (ARI)




The Attribution Regime for Individuals will be abolished with effect from

6th April 2012.The ARI was introduced in 2008 to replace the Distributable

Profits Charge (DPC). The ARI and DPC ensured that Isle of Man resident

shareholders did not roll up profits in an Isle of Man company tax free. The

abolition of the ARI means that Isle of Man resident shareholders of Isle of

Man companies may be able to roll up profits tax free in a company until

such time as a distribution is made. The use of a company structure with the

ability to roll up profits tax free for Island residents would appear to be

a very attractive proposition. To discuss tax planning opportunities please

give me a call on 01624 611108 


Budget Day


Isle of Man Budget day is Tuesday 21st February; in the words of the Chief

Minister Allan Bell 'The road ahead will be difficult'. 


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