Do you disagree with the Isle of Man Toilet Tax?
28th January 2014
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A new tax is due to be implimented on the Isle of Man for the removal of sewage water . The intial bill will be £50 a year. This has not gone down well on the island and a petition has been started to oppose the introduction.

The petition states :-

'The average household is struggling with constant rises of cost of living yet we have cutbacks and most wages not rising. Furthermore we consider that charges for the removal and sanitisation of the body waste of people of the Isle of Man should be the responsibility of the government and not any other authority. Therefore we demand that Tynwald make sure any such decision not to be imposed. We refuse to pay this bill when it arrives while our money is been squandered on luxuries (£80 kerbstones, Dining carriages for trains making a loss, and millions and millions of pounds worth of stakes in film studios seeing little return to name a few) by the government Anyone intersted in further information please contact Amy Burns via Facebook'

If you wish to add your name to the petiton just click here

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