Best fish and Chips on the Isle of Man?
31st July 2009
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Fish and Chips must be one of the most popular dishes on the Isle of Man given by the long queues at Fish & Chip shops on the island. There seems no end to our patience in waiting in line or any fear of embarrassment at having to shout out ' put two large cod in to fry please!'

Of course a popular option is the dish the Manx have claimed as their own – ‘Cheese, Chips and Gravy’, but my personal choice is a nice plump piece of white flaky cod in crispy batter, non soggy chips and mushy peas (not out of a tin but long soaked in bicarb in the traditional way).

My favourite Chippys on the Isle of Man are Port Erin Chip and The Trawlerman. Both produce excellent fish and chips. Service with a smile would be nice as well – but when you consider that they are working in an environment which is about as much fun as running a snack bar in Hades (sweat, inhuman temperatures and cancer inducing fumes) I think they do a sterling job and are welcome to £5.99 of my money for a meal fit for a king anytime!

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