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14th June 2012
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At The Velvet Lobster we think we make the best coffee on the Isle of Man. Yeah I know what you're thinking, every coffee house says that. But don't worry we'll explain why we think that. Every great coffee must start with great ingredients and we have that. Our specially designed Blake blend is made to give a blance between flavour and strength. Made up of a blend of 60% Sumatra Takengon Gayon Mountains Double Picked Fully Washed 2012, 20% Sumatra Raja Gayo & 20% El Salvador Argentina Natural. What this extraordinary blend produces is a bold, rich, earthy, coffee with a Big Body reminiscent of dried fruit. Then we have great equipment that is lovingly cleaned and looked after like our own baby. And most importantly, we have a great team that have been trained to the highest standard that will will only allow the best coffee to leave our counter. So wether Allan, Hannah, Kyle or Henry makes your coffee it will be one to savour and remember. To live up to this statement we're inviting you to try one for free, again I know it's crazy to be giving stuff away for free but you need to try this.

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