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JL Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Telford, Telford and Wrekin

Jared and Jenny came to clean a hall, bedroom and lounge carpet, all of which were around 20 years old, made of wool and had a few indeterminate stains from the previous owners. The process involved systematic vacuuming, individual spot stain treatment, cleaning and drying. The carpets were o.k. to walk on by the middle of the afternoon. The result was really impressive and was well worth the money. The two of them worked hard for about 2½ hours before switching on the powerful driers. Now a word of advice: don’t worry if the process leaves areas of carpet which are raised (I did!). Jared assured me that, once the backing had dried out, the ‘pleats’ would pull out naturally (they did!) I have no hesitation in recommending this small business. Tony, Montford Bridge