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Mort Smith - Training You To Train Your Dog, Shrewsbury

We adopted Molly (a border collie x springer spaniel) from a rescue centre. She was then 3 and a half and did not even have the basics such as sit & stay. We took her basic training as far as we could but found we could not manage to get her to walk properly on a lead, pass other dogs without her wanting to ‘go for them’ or re-call reliably. She was not sufficiently well mannered to attend regular dog training classes, so the last resort for us was going to be residential (Dog Borstal type) training. Fortunately before we got as far as arranging this we happened to find Mort Smith’s Web Site and gave him a call. Mort has been a godsend. He teaches you to be able to train your dog in a very natural way that the dog can understand and respond to. The training is fun both for you and your dog. There is absolutely no harshness involved whatsoever. After just 3 sessions Molly can walk nicely on her lead and pass other dogs, so enabling us to go to public places without fear or embarrassment. We are currently working on her recall and she is responding very well. So to anyone in a similar desperate situation I would advise you not to waste money on expensive dog training manuals or instruction DVDs etc but give Mort a call. His rates are very reasonable and he really does deliver.