You wouldn’t let a plumber near your electrics…
3rd January 2012
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You wouldn’t let a plumber near your electrics…

So why let an electrician near your network cabling? Every business is trained in its specialities including voice and data network cabling yet more often than not we come across poor cabling that is installed like power cables from electricians and other untrained engineers.
Gently does it is the phrase, Network cabling needs nurturing and is a specialist task which requires a specialist voice and data cabling company such as ourselves.   Unfortunately it is rarely recognised as such and using untrained engineers to carry out a network cabling project with no knowledge of the technicalities behind a strong network infrastructure can end up having undesired results or performance failures.

Network Cabling is easy
Whoever says network cabling is easy hasn’t been on any of the expensive manufacturer led courses that our engineers have been on. You may ask why we spend so much in training for a bit of cabling? Any good data cabling contractor will be able to offer a 25 year warranty backed by the manufacturer of choice, to enable a company to do this they must undergo rigorous and regular training with that said manufacturer. Isn’t it all the same you ask? Answer no its not, each installation is different, each project has to be designed to allow for cable routes, future additions, any existing cabling, plus containment requirements and so on.
Here at RWS, we are continually undergoing training both in house and with our manufacturers to ensure that all our projects are delivered efficiently, cost effectively and to the customer satisfaction.

Network cabling by a specialist isn’t worth the money
For the cable manufacturer to warranty an installation, they need to be able to see the installers test results. Now these are no ordinary pass or fail results, each cable needs to be tested with a specialist tester which you can imagine comes with a specialist price tag. The support and calibration alone can run into thousands without thinking about the cost of the actual equipment, however this ensures that every cable on every single project, no matter what the circumstances can be warranted.  You as the customer are given a copy of these test results where you will see lots of scientific information, cable length, its reference and the most important bit that it has passed and is working. We like to think that along with a sound warranted system this gives you peace of mind that the money you have invested in your IT infrastructure has been carried out by professionals to a high standard.
Tempting fate...
Now not to say all electricians and other trades haven’t been professionally trained in network cabling as I am sure they are out there somewhere but I am yet to meet one which has the necessary equipment and the specialist knowledge to be able to not only most importantly do a good job but also be able to offer the 25 year warranty. Now I’m not complaining as these jobs normally go wrong and we as the specialists have to come in and put it right but this means a lot of hassle for us as the installation often has to be started from scratch but also huge disruption for the client as deadlines pass and costs rocket. Not to scaremonger but think about how you would feel if your system is not warranted, if it doesn’t work to the potential it should and what would happen if it were to crash? Would you prefer to tempt fate or have the professionals in first time round?

Every single installation is different from the cable right through to the type of environment. We don’t expect everyone to understand the science behind a network cabling system as that is our speciality. Allow RWS Data Installations as the voice and data experts install a system that will meet your requirements both now and in the future and be 100% warranted by the cable manufacturer for 25 years.

Just something to think about...
You wouldn’t not back up your computers so why risk the core infrastructure that allows your computers to work, lets you answer the telephone and more importantly run your day to day business operations? What would the cost be to your business if it all failed?

RWS Data Installations Ltd are running a brief series of *Free 90 minute Network Health Checks for TheBestOfTelford members in the New Year, if you would like reassurance of your current infrastructure, have any questions or want to discuss a project, please call us on 01952 822199 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            01952 822199      end_of_the_skype_highlighting where we will be more than happy to assist.

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