Why you should choose a local Removals Company
11th April 2014
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Why you should choose a local Removals Company.  

When you need to find a removals / storage company, you might be tempted to call a company that you hear advertised a lot. There are several large companies that spend a small fortune on advertising, and although their charges may initially look appealing, there are for good reasons why choosing a locally owned removals / storage company is a better option.  

Distance / Time based fees  

You'll often find that well known, large removals company will offer a lower hourly rate than the local ones, please do make sure you ask the right questions. Most will try to charge you for their travel time and fuel from the time they leave their location. So if they are driving to your home from their closest location that may be a fair distance away, you'll be paying for their travel time and fuel to get to you. It may cost you more than the hourly fee quoted by your local removals company.  


Local removals / storage companies rely much more on their local reputation and a high level of trust, so tend to be more careful and work harder to prevent dissatisfaction or any claims for loss or breakages. Trust is really critical, quite simply because they know that you know exactly where to find them. Some local removals firms thrive on customer referrals, so they want to do a good job for you so you refer family and friends to them in the future. As long as you take the time to check their credentials and experience, there is no reason to not trust a local removals company.  

Support your Local Community  

If you don't support your local community, who will? There is no greater reward than supporting your neighbour and making priceless contacts. National chains tend to overpower the small business owner in every category. Consumers are faced with decisions every day that directly affect the well-being of people close to them; removals and storage is no different.  

Stress-free Moving  

Moving home and storing possessions doesn't require a big name or fancy advertising. You need local people who will want to protect and enhance their local reputation; will work hard to give you a fair price and make your move as stress free as possible.  

That's what we do.  

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