Why is Microsoft Word such a time saver?
17th September 2011
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Why is using Microsoft Word such a time saver?

There are so many features in Word that you could use to produce professional quality documents quickly and easily. Here are a few:-


Latest versions of Microsoft Word have a Styles gallery, so if you select some text, hover your mouse over a style, such as Heading 1, and Word shows you how it will look if you choose that style. You can create your own style, from scratch, or amend an existing one that looks pretty much as you’d like yours to appear. This saves times every time you type a document, and headings and blocks of text appear consistent.

If your document is a long one, you can then go on to produce a Table of Contents that generates correct page numbers automatically; if you subsequently add to your document Word will adjust the page numbering for you. The Table of Contents allows your reader to click on a subject contained in your document and jump straight to that page.


To give your document a sharp visual focus you can add SmartArt graphics. Pre-designed shapes in easily editable format allow a flow of ideas to be communicated. Graphics range from lists to more complex diagrams such as Venn diagrams and organisational charts.


Tables are now quick and easy to design; from the Insert menu you can insert a table by dragging over the boxes to select the number of rows and columns you want, and then use the Table Tools tabs to choose Design styles from the gallery in the Table Styles group. Alternatively there are many pre-designed tables in the Quick Tables list such as calendars.

Cover Pages

A range of front cover page designs which will enhance any report are available from the Insert ribbon, and these are fully customisable.

Headers & Footers

Lots of choices of headers, footers and page numbers are now easily chosen from icons in the Header & Footer group.  Text boxes give you built in Side bars, to give the appearance of a professionally designed document as seen in a newsletter.

Quick Parts

Quick Parts are a way of saving ‘blocks’ of frequently used text or graphics, so it can easily be re-used. An example might be a legal disclaimer.

Mail Merges

The mail merge process is quick and easy to learn, designed those who want to produce similar documents addressed to individuals from a list. So, if you need to inform a group of clients that you are moving to new premises, you can produce mail merged letters in a matter of moments.

Learning in short bursts

If you have time to go to a meeting, you can attend a Live Online Learning session from your own desk. Learn how to become a Wizz at Word, in concise 2 hour bursts, and visit our webpage to find out course dates www.imaginevirtualtraining.com. Learning this way is fun and convenient and you will find you retain more of what you’ve learnt because you can practise immediately!

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