Why does it pay to shop at your family butchers?
4th August 2014
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Have you been thinking about shopping with a family butchers? Are you wondering what the benefits are, that butchers must be much more expensive than the big supermarkets?! Well I’m here to answer all those questions for you!

I’m Simon Badley, managing director at G. N. Badley & Sons Family Butchers in Telford which was established in 1976. Now let’s give you some food for thought…

Well the past year has been full on meat scares, hasn’t is… Horsemeat, then Halal, and now large processing factories hygiene. I’m very pleased to say that we (G. N. Badley & Sons) haven’t been involved in any of these scares. As we are a family butchers based on the traditional butchery traditions we are very proud of knowing where all our meat comes from, as in most cases we have been using the same suppliers since we opened our doors back almost forty years ago. We now use an online app design by ourselves and developed by a Telford based IT firm, which we now track everything which comes into us and give it a nice little tractability number so we can track it back to when and where it came from… great way to keep with the times.

What we get asked all the time is ‘isn’t a butchers going to cost me loads more than the supermarket?!’ Well not in most cases, family butchers can be just as cheap if not cheaper than the big supermarkets! We regularly check our prices against the big supermarkets and then post our price comparisons on Facebook (remember to like us www.facebook.com/telfordbutchers) to reassure our customers that they are getting quality meat at a competitive price!


When you’re supporting a family butcher you are also supporting a network of UK producers, as all our meat comes from local farms. More news stories are hitting the media about how UK producers are getting less and less for their produce… this is because of the amount of imported meat the supermarkets buy in and also when they do buy UK the price they drive the producers down to! I believe that we give a fair price to all our suppliers to help the UK producers grow and help build the market back to its peak.

‘The butcher is closed by the time I finish work!’ is another phrase we hear a lot… Well, being the family business we are, back 2012 we launched our online shop where you can buy all our products online for collection or delivery nationwide. Even know we are in the process of re-vamping our website to make it even more user friendly, it’s a key way for many of our customer to shop allowing them to browse for what they want at their leisure then get it deliver direct to their door… or even to work, or anywhere where ever is easiest for them!

Oh and one final thing… how do you know you can trust your family butchers? We have loads of testimonials and reviews on theBestof an independent company which are devoted to boasting the best businesses in the UK! Why not check out our reviews (and if you are already a customer, please leave us a review. We love to hear from you). http://www.thebestof.co.uk/local/telford-and-wrekin/business-guide/feature/g-n-badley-and-sons-online-butchers-shop.

That’s it from me for now… why not check us out at www.gnbadleyandsons.co.uk , give my friendly team a call on 0808 901 21 10 and don’t forget to like us on Facebook www.facebook.com/telfordbutchers  and to follow us on Twitter www.twitter.com/gnbadley 

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