Where can I find High Security Door Locks in Telford?
20th June 2013
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Where can I find High Security Door Locks in Telford?

You may already know about the problem with standard door locks that can be ‘bumped’ or ‘snapped’ relatively easily and quickly. Many Telford home owners have changed their standard door locks and fitted high security, anti bump, anti snap locks to their UVPC and Patio doors.

The problem of standard door locks being ‘bumped’ or ‘snapped’ has understandably concerned many Telford home owners. Thinking that because the door is locked, my home is safe has proven not to be the case. Many home owners have taken the sensible option of replacing their standard (and sometimes inferior) door locks with the new high security anti bump / anti snap locks.

The replacement of standard door locks with high security locks doesn’t take long and most UPVC and Patio doors can be secured properly using these new high security locks. There’s no other replacement work needed other than the lock, so you don’t have to worry about one job leading to another and getting hit with loads of unexpected expense.

SD Luke, one of Telford’s most recommended businesses for double glazing, windows, doors, conservatories and orangeries, will fit high security door locks for you. 

To find out more, just call Spence on 01952 427 897 or to read more about SD Luke, click on this link: http://bst.bz/1pf

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