What is Contract Hire and can I do it?
19th January 2012
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The simple answer is  - A way of having the use of the vehicle you choose for a contracted period of time for an allowed annual mileage at an agreed monthly cost, and YES you can do it!


The option to Contract Hire a vehicle is one that must be considered for Businesses and those people who have "opted out" of a Company Car Scheme. The range of vehicles available is vast, with all of the main manufacturers represented - whether for the small super mini style car through to prestige motors from Land Rover, BMW, Mercedes and Jaguar. All available from Dont Dream it Drive it on request.

We don't have a forecourt with lots of expensive cars sat on it, we deal direct with manufacturers and dealerships and through our volume of sales are able to negotiate some amazing discounts. You are then gaining the benefit of our buying power rather than going solo with a Main Dealer.

Once you have settled on a vehicle and we have established your specific requirements - we will use our network of suppliers to get the best quote possible usually for 24, 36 or 48 months on the basis you will do 10, 15, 20 thousand miles per annum (other options are available).

Quotes can be supplied with and without maintenance included (details are specific to the case in point).

During this process you will need to provide us with authority and any information requested to perform the necessary credit application. At this point we will take the deposit which is typically 3 months rental, thus the term 3+23, 3+35 and 3+ 47 enter your vocabulary. All paperwork is completed. 

The vehicle is ordered, and upon delivery your remaining payment schedule starts. Assuming there are no unforseen issues (accidents etc) you will keep up your payments, have your services ON TIME and replace worn tyres (hopefully at our extremely well equiped workshop) and return the vehicle at the end of the contract within mileage and in an undamged state. The End!

Well there is  twist.. you need to do it all over again - but we are here to help!

So why choose Contract Hire? 

You pay a fixed amount every month, you have a new car each time you renew, you may find cars available in your budget you would never have thought you could buy. 

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