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15th May 2011
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The PEONY wedding at Blue Florists.

A day in the life of a florist . . .a wedding.

The design team at Blue Florists have been busy this week creating beautiful floral arrangements for a bride whose big day was yesterday.

One of the main flowers being used was peony, in shades of soft and hot pink, along with a lovely selection of roses in cream and various pinks.

As usual, we placed our orders in Holland so the buyers could buy our stock on Tuesday for delivery Wednesday, giving enough time for the blooms to be conditioned, to open and look their best for the weekend. 

On Thursday everything was looking great except the peony which still looked like marbles on stalks, so they were brought up to the shop where it is warmer, nothing happened! We re-cut them, we gave them food, we gave them warm water, we put them in the sun, we even talked to them!

On Friday, a few blooms decided to pop open, the remainder were like marbles! We had no where near enough stock to make the bridal flowers! We left the lights on all night and we all went home and tried not to worry (too much)

Saturday saw a very early start and more than half of the purchased stock had opened, just enough to get the work done and delivered to the bride!

When the bride saw her flowers she was so delighted she cried! What she didn't know was I felt like crying myself, for very different reasons!

People constantly say to me that I have a lovely job, I do but it's not without it's little problems! Anyone want a peony bouquet? We have some at Blue, but last time I looked they were still like marbles!

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