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30th August 2011
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We are coming towards the end of the Wedding season here at Blue and what a season it has been! It is amazing to see how the colours and trends change each year and we are already getting a glimpse of what is to come for next year. This year the 'Vintage' style continued with flowers arranged in old glass vases, jugs and china teacups. Brides maids have been wearing short dresses in shades of soft pink/nude and the flowers have been very natural and relaxed. The other colour scheme coming through quite strongly is from the blue/purple/grape colour palette. The most popular flowers for brides are still roses and with the huge range available this still remains a very good choice, however we have seen tons of hydrangea following trend now for about 4 years, and in the early summer we used alot of fragrant peony. We have been sourcing 'country' flowers such as astrantia and campanula and lovely foliages, berries etc.

So what will next year bring? We are already seeing the blue/purple theme coming through with brides choosing strong electric blue for their maids gowns. We also seem to be seeing the return of pink, very soft pink. There are still some enquiries for the vintage style but as this has been around for so long I am sure we will be seeing another 'look' and colour scheme soon.

At 'Blue' we design every wedding individually, no two weddings are the same. if you are getting married and would like your wedding to be different to the rest, come along and have a chat.

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