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22nd February 2016
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Expectant mums, new mums, or not so new mums. They can all get back pain!

Women can often experience back pains when pregnant due to the change in hormone levels, as well as with the change in shape to the body.

New mums should always be careful about the way in which they lift, bend and carry their new bundles of joy. Postual symmetry is extremely important to try and avoid straining the back. (This is the same for dads too - we'll to a post for you around Father's Day!).

And our 'not so new mums', well the aches can come with chauffering your children around, extra shopping, extra luggage carrying when on holiday, extra washing and ironing, all that extra housework!  And not to mention the impact that stress of having a teenager can have on the physical body!

Mums of all ages are welcome at Back to Health Chiropractic.

We treat different causes of aches and pains with different techniques. You will have a thorough assessment and full treatment.

You've been in the good hands of your mum, why not put your mum in our good hands x

Please call us on 07541 419662




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