Unregistered aerial fitter in Telford still ripping old people off.
13th October 2011
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whats wrong with that picture I hear you ask, well read on....

The top aerial was installed by the digital switchover help scheme, down to one TV as is their remit. (DSO install = vunerable people as customers)

This old lady (in her late 80's) wanted her TV in the kitchen connected so she called out a local fitter (we know who he is).

All he needed to do was install a two way splitter off the original aerial and drop a cable into the kitchen,(circa £60.) but he put up this log periodic (the other aerial) instead and charged the customer £140.00

This is why you should never use unregistered aerial fitters!

It makes me mad that these shoddy fitters are going round ripping people off like this and it gives us all a bad name.

Whenever you see more than one aerial on the same pole pointing in the same direction you know someone has been ripped off. 

If you use unregistered installers then next time it could be you!!


Please please  check that your aerial fitter is registered and ask to see proof.

For more information on Aerials Telford your local registered Aerial installation experts please follow the link below.


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