Top 5 V-Festival Driving Tips from TTC Automotive
24th August 2011
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Music Festivals are fun experience, and excitement of attending the Festival starts well before you leave your home. However, just before you leave, ensure that you have checked TTC Automotive's ‘Must Do List.'

To avoid any inconvenience you should:

Tip 1 Plan your journey

Considering busy traffic and peak times, as well as breaks for the rest and toilets. Don't rely entirely on your sat nav, it is good to have a road map with you in case you need to avoid closed roads and traffic jams.

Rather than using smart phones or iPhones for navigation, choose sat nav devices with the voice commands, and programme them before the journey, so that your hands can stay on the wheel and your eyes can stay on the road whilst driving.

Just before you leave, you may consider checking Twitter for latest traffic updates. If there is a trouble on the roads – you will be able to find it as it happens or well in advance before you reach it.

Tip 2 Check and prepare your vehicle

Check and prepare your vehicle before you set off to avoid nasty surprises before or during the journey (you don't want to break down and miss the festival).

Use the acronym FLOWERY to help you remember what to check:

Fuel - ensure you have enough for the journey
Lights - clean and working
Oil - check your levels
Water - ensure coolant and window wiper fluids are correctly filled
Electrics - check the dashboard making sure warning lights do not stay on after ignition
Rubber - ensure tyres are undamaged and legal

and not forgetting ‘You' - are you fit and rested for the drive?

Tip 3 Preparing your luggage

Make sure that you account for passengers and luggage, as your tyres will need extra pressure to compensate additional weight. Also, the extra weight will affect your fuel consumption making your car thirstier.

It is better to load your car in advance so that you don't forget anything and avoid the stress of loading before a long journey.

Tip 4 Look after your valuables

Remember that your car will be parked on a large site, and it is better not to leave any valuables inside your vehicle.

Tip 5 Accept personal responsibility

This article is just a guide of keeping you safe during the Festival Season. You still must use your own judgment to access risks surrounding you and your passengers. We cannot take responsibility for your actions.

However, if you want to find out more about safe driving practices or organise Advanced Driver Training workshop or on-road driving session in your local community centre or your business, give us a call on 03338000222 (UK phone number) or visit our website at and enquire online.

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