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1st June 2011
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My first blog! After talking to Jan Minihane yesterday about the importance of interesting blogs I thought I’d better get something written! (No pressure there then!)

The first and most exciting news is that Andy –one of our engineers, became a Father to baby Evie on Friday last week – congratulations to him and his wife.

This week is another short week – whilst I love the extra day off, it also adds to the pressure –having to fit 5 day’s work into 4 available days! This is made easier by the ability to work remotely – I managed a couple of hours work each day – which meant this week has not been so stressful.

We have a lot of work on at the moment, one of our customers wants us to replace some of their older PC’s and shuffle the others around to get best use of the PC’s – we are good at squeezing every last drop of useful life out of machines – this customer is an accountancy firm so they are particularly good at getting value for money!

We also have a couple of servers on order – to be installed over a weekend to minimize business interruption. Its a case of finding an engineer willing to work a weekend, coordinating with the customer, and ensuring that the server and software arrives in time for us to prep it in the workshop prior to installation.

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