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25th November 2012
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What Causes My Heel Pain?

 The cause is extremely varied but can be broken into a few simple groups 99% of the time.

 Mechanical: the vast majority of all foot pain is caused by mechanical stress (force/pressure) in a small area that becomes weak and so injured.

 Poor Foot Function or shape: Is a major contributory factor. Feet that roll in excessively (pronate) or roll out excessively (supinate) and other biomechanical problems that only a specialist can diagnose are often found. A highly arch foot type or a foot with poor fatty padding can further cause heel pain by increasing pressure to the area.

 Gait or Postural issues: Some patients have leg length differences or hip and spine mal-alignment that can create unusual but minor walking and standing discrepancies that again increase the force and stress in the heels and ligaments/muscles attached to the heel bone. We have even noted several patients with poor balance due to inner ear complaints that leads to standing and rolling too much on one heel!!

 Occupation/Activity: A history of standing for long periods on the heels at work or even around the house on tiled floors is common. Running or recent increased walking on hard surfaces, with trips to cities such as London often noted in the patients history of injury, and finally walking barefoot will seriously strain the foot if undertaken for extended periods on hard and flat surfaces.

 Footwear: Shoes that offer not support and are excessively flexible are most likely to contribute. Many women’s shoes are seriously undersized on the sole for the foot, damaging the foots ability to function in a mechanically efficient way.  Of all footwear, it is low heel or very flat ballet styled footwear that is most likely to cause heel pain.

 Neurology Caused: Rarely Nerve entrapment in the heel can cause neurological heel pain, a condition called Baxter’s nerve compression. Sciatica or impingement of nerves in the back can create referred heel pain.

 Systemic Illness: Rare again are medical conditions that create pain in the heel.

How Can The Shropshire Foot Specialists Help?

 Accurate Diagnosis: Diagnostic ultrasound and years of treating heel pain and plantar fasciitis means that we can quickly identify the exact cause of your pain. In the space of a 50 pence on your heel there are several different causes of heel pain. Without correct identification of the cause, it is impossible to consistently treat.

 Assess Contributing Causes: Professional gait and posture assessment with a full detailed medical history will be taken. We listen to you and find the cause of the problem! We then treat the cause of your specific heel pain.

 Reduce Inflammation: We will assist with ICEand anti inflammatory medication Steroid injections may be required in the most severe cases, we will only consider injections as an absolute last resort.

 Specific stretches and exercise: The Foot Specialists in Telford will demonstrate and issue dedicated stretches and physiotherapy for the heel.

 Orthotics and Splints: As the majority of cases are Mechanically Caused and so a mechanical solution in Custom orthotics are the usual and very effective treatment. Our Precision Made Orthotics are designed to be very comfortable and fit your shoes, personally designed by Mr Dowdeswell to tune your foot mechanics and stop your heel pain. The combination of prescription variables, materials and styles runs into the thousands. An extremely experienced practitioner is likely to gain the very best results.


As can be seen the treatment resolves around 3 elements.

1.      Stop Contributory mechanisms and activity

2.      Reduce Inflammation

3.      Restore correct foot and limb function and prevent with Custom Orthotics

Our Service is delivered in a friendly manner and always by Steven Dowdeswell. We commit to helping you and your condition and stand by our advice at all times. Please Call  0800 978 8104     

  Established at the headquarters of a Bespoke Insole and Orthotics Laboratory (Precision Orthotics) The Foot Specialists are true experts in the conservative treatment of foot, ankle and gait related problems.

 The founder, Specialist Podiatrist Mr Steven Dowdeswell, is called upon to consult with podiatrists, doctors and physiotherapists across the UK on a daily basis, regarding orthotic manufacture and foot pain solutions.

 As a result we are extremely experienced is this specific area.


 From Our Tips to Your Toes, Experience That Counts.

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