26th November 2012
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 With the challenging economic climate resulting in more couples carrying on living together when they split due to the costs involved in moving or difficulties in selling the family home, Ryan Bickham of PCB Solicitors has offered residents across the region advice on what legal steps they should take in such a scenario.

 “There are a number of areas that need to be considered. Naturally, both parties should look to separate their finances and close any joint bank accounts they have, while it’s also important to agree who is responsible for paying bills, and change the name they are in appropriately. If the property is jointly owned, it may also be necessary to sever any joint tenancy, while the individuals’ final will and testament will also need to be updated to avoid any potential confusion and conflict in the future.”

 “I’d urge any couple that is currently in the position of being separated but living in the same house to get in touch with a member of our family law team to clarify their legal position,” Ryan concluded.

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