Scarred for Life
20th September 2011
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Scarred for life!!


The assessment of compensation for accidents which have resulted in scarring is a complicated task.  In cases where there is a cosmetic element, the courts will general draw a distinction between the awards of damages to males and females, the latter attracting a higher award.  The level of compensation will obviously depend on how noticeable the scarring is and whether it is to a part of the body that is often concealed.   The age of the Claimant is also relevant.  There is often also a psychological reaction and compensation for this needs to be factored in. 

In respect of facial scarring to young females, awards may approach the £60,000 mark when the cosmetic defect is very disfiguring and the psychological reaction severe.  A man suffering a similar injury and reaction may perhaps only recover up to £40,000.  Where the cosmetic effect is only minor and the scarring trivial Claimants may recover up to £2,000 regardless of their sex. 

Similar principles apply in assessing damages for scarring to other parts of the body.  Understandably injuries resulting in non facial scarring tend to attract lower awards.  Claimants are likely to recover between £4,500 and £8,500 for a number of noticeable scars or a single disfiguring scar to for example, to a limb or back area. 

The above valuations are based on general damages only ie compensation for pain, suffering and loss of amenity.  It may be also possible to include within the value of the claim the cost of scar revision surgery or steroid injections both of which may reduce the appearance of the scar.  There is also the possibility of obtaining a report from a Camouflage Make-up expert and including the cost of purchasing such make-up for life within the claim.  The medical expert who prepares the medico-legal report on the injuries sustained in the accident will advise on whether any of these treatments would be likely to assist.

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