Re-use, Reduce, Recycle in Telford
9th March 2011
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My name is Katy Luckman, and I am nine years old. My Dad, Mark Luckman runs the best of telford and wrekin. I go to Coalbrookdale and Ironbridge Primary school, I am also part of our School Council.

We are learning about sustainability and looking after the enviroment. So we would like to encourage more people to care about what they throw away and be aware that they can improve what is happening.

In Telford you may see litter on the floor and just walk past it, when you could pick it up if there is a bin nearby.

Also do you recycle? e.g. Do you take a plastic bottle and just throw it in the bin when it could be recycled?

If yes then think about recycling more please.

Litter (everything you throw away) is taken to a place where they bury it underground and soon there will be no place to put it so recycle and everything can be used again.

You can recycle plastic, tin cans, cardboard, paper almost everything you wouldn't expect. So please be more careful because we children are the future adults and we want a clean healthy world to live in.          



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Katy L

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I go to Telford Athletics Club twice a week and also do Cross Country. My dream is to be an Olimpic runner and a PE teacher if not a writer.

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