Retinal Photography | Advanced Eyecare at JBOpticians in Shropshire
4th July 2012
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Retinal Photography | Advanced Eyecare at JBOpticians in Shropshire

At JBOpticians, we are committed to bringing you the highest standard of eyecare available and can now provide an advanced new method for checking the health and condition of your eyes.

Retinal Photography, the newest innovation in clinical diagnosis, is a procedure that takes an instant photograph of the retina, at the back of the eye. We feel that the benefits of this service are considerable, and strongly recommended that you include retinal photography in your eye examination.

What are the benefits?

• A stored permanent and accurate record of the condition of your eyes.
• Year by year comparisons provide early detection of any changes.
• A more detailed check for Glaucoma, Diabetes, Age Related Macular Degeneration and other conditions.
• Increased magnification means that changes too small to be seen using traditional methods can be detected.
• Allow a more refined and accurate referral to a specialist if required.
• Allows you to see what we can see and thus helps you to understand any changes taking place.

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