Redshift Radio
15th February 2012
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What a fun day. A few hours of it was spent at Redshift Radio for their show Scarlett Ladies. The show is on between 12pm and 2pm on  Friday. It was honestly like being Loose Women. The other ladies were of course, Liz Southall the lovely presenter, Jane Smart from the Hospital Trust Foundation at Leighton who talked about the One in Eleven appeal. Jenny from the Crewe Alex group of Slimming World who also does stilt walking! And finally, Sue France from Forward Ladies 

And what fun we had!

If you listened to the show and were interested in any of the products that we talked about:, then here they are: Firstly we talked about some products to help you battle this cold weather we are having:

Pure Nuff Stuff Heavenly Hand Cream, a great hand cream to soothe and nourish dry hands. Made from Olive Oil and Aloe it may also help sensitive skin.

Essential Care Super Fruit Concentrate a blend of organic fruit which creates a rich facial serum.It promotes skin cell regeneration and collagen synthesis for smooth

And then we talked about getting your bodies ready for the summer sun (if only we could feel it now!)

Weleda Birch Body Scrub made to leave the skin feeling and looking soft and silky smooth

Weleda Birch Cellulite Oil another product to prepare your skin for wearing those summer shorts and bikinis!

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