Professional video hosting for your precious video productions
16th May 2012
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Scadge Studios, Telford offers professional video hosting

Have you got your videos hosted on YouTube? There are some benefits, but also major drawbacks:-

a) by uploading your video to YouTube you grant them rights to use your video pretty much any way they like (forever, even if you delete it)

b) If you embed the video on your own website, and people click on it, they’ll be transferred from your website to YouTube – marketing disaster!

c) If your video is business related, it isn’t strictly allowed under YouTube terms and conditions, so could at some point get removed

d) It is possible for people to copy your video, and maybe edit it

e) The YouTube player gives some scope for customising it for your website, but doesn’t quite go far enough (after all, they want to promote YouTube, not you)

f) There are millions of videos on YouTube now, and many of questionable quality – do you want yours to get lost and lumped with all those?

So what does private video hosting offer?

a) full HD playback

b) progressive download or secure streaming

c) customisable video player, and/or channel player as shown in the image above

d) can be made non-clickable, or can click and direct to a web page you choose

e) retention of all rights

f) inclusion of brand logo and text

g) various options for putting the player on your web page (embedded, pop-up, pop-in)


Scadge Studios can provide hosted video for you. We will encode the video, upload it, customise the player etc and give you the link to embed the video.

Call us on 01952 676 456 for more information

Visit their website at

or their profile page on 'thebestof' - click here


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