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13th September 2012
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In this month's blog I would like to once again try and clear the muddy waters and give some simple and practical advice to help keep your furry friends happy and healthy. A common misconception is that vaccination is not essential or that vaccination lasts indefinitely. Unfortunately none of the diseases that we vaccinate against are eradicated and in many cases they are still depressingly common. So the only way to ensure your pet doesn't fall victim to these diseases is to vaccinate regularly as detailed below.

Cat Vaccinations are given against: Cat Flu and Feline Infectious Enteritis. We also recommend protection against Feline Leukaemia, now one of the biggest killers of cats.

Initial vaccination course? Two injections three weeks apart, starting from a minimum of nine weeks old.

Booster? A booster vaccine is required in cats annually to keep up with the level of protection needed.

Dog Vaccinations are given against: Parvovirus, Distemper, Canine Viral Hepatitis, Leptospirosis and Para influenza.

Initial vaccination course ? Two injections two weeks apart starting from a minimum of eight weeks of age.

Booster? A booster vaccine is required in dogs annually to keep up with the required level of protection.

We also recommend Kennel Cough vaccine if your dog is to visit a boarding kennels or be shown in the ring. The kennel cough vaccine will protect your dog for 12 months so needs to be repeated annually to provide seamless protection.

So please be kind to your pet and give them the protection they deserve. If you are unsure about your pets vaccination history or just feel bewildered about the need to vaccinate, please speak to us. We are happy to help.

For more information about pet vaccination and Pearl Vets in Telford please click on the link below

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