Madeley Academy Involves Students with Dodd Group
7th July 2014
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From the 30th of June through to the 4th of July, Madeley Academy held a Higher Education week for the 6.1 students attending the Sixth Form at the school. This week included a variety of events, such as various workshops in different subjects, allotted times to work on personal statements and CVs, and the option to meet with members of Dodd Group to gain and improve their interview skills.

Dodd Group is an Electrical and Mechanical Services company based within Telford, and they were happy to co-operate by sending over a couple of members on various days to schedule interviews with the students. 

I am a student at the Academy and am currently attending the Sixth Form. To be able to partake in a mock interview and have the help of the staff with my personal statement and CV was a great opportunity, and one that I would like to thank the Academy and Dodd Group for providing to the students.  

To see the Madeley Academy website click here

To see the Dodd Group website click here

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