Looking out for elderly neighbours
21st May 2015
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If you have an elderly neighbour it is better to be overly concerned than not be concerned at all. 

Many older people are very proud and wouldn’t ask for help in case they are imposing so it’s up to you to pop around and check that everything is OK.  If you do this regularly, they will begin to trust you and may ask for help during times when they are struggling.

Here are some ideas on how to help your elderly neighbours:

  • Make yourself known to them and ask if they need any help with anything
  • Invite your elderly neighbour into your house for a cup of tea and use this opportunity to offer to help out if they need it i.e. jobs such as lawn mowing, changing light bulbs, running errands etc.  Offer help in a friendly way and never be patronising.
  • Running errands for elderly neighbours gives you chance to keep an eye on them. Why not call in on the off chance to see if they need anything.
  • Elderly people are creatures of habit, if you notice anything different or you haven’t seen them for a while, call round and check they are ok.  It’s really important to look out for your neighbours during cold weather as this is the time when they are most vulnerable.
  • If you neighbour requires medical help, contact a member of their family or the emergency services.
  • If you are worried that your neighbour isn’t coping and could be in need of longer term care or help, try contacting the local council to see if anyone could visit.
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