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15th January 2015
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Here are some simple tips on how to reduce your business running costs therefore increasing your profit:

  • Turn off your computers and appliances when not in use - This can lead to huge savings.  Did you know that a single computer and monitor left on 24 hours a day will cost over £50 a year?  Unplug chargers when not actually charging a device. If the charger is warm and not plugged into your device it is still converting energy.
  • Switch Lights Off – when you leave the room or when daylight is adequate. Why not use energy saving light bulbs, they are more expensive initially but you will make savings in the long run.
  • Save on Heating – reduce the temperature in the office by 1 degree and you can cut your energy bills by 10%.  Shut blinds or put blinds up to stop heat escaping out of the window.  Keep doors closed between heated and non-heated areas.
  • Be aware of wasting water – if a tap drips constantly it adds up to a lot of wasted water.  Get a plumber out to deal with any problems.
  • Reduce waste – cut the amount of waste your business has to handle and you will make great savings.  Try printing double sided, refilling printer cartridges, switching off lights, use rechargeable batteries, order only what you need etc.
  • Defrost fridges and freezers – regularly to improve efficiency.  Don’t position fridges next to cookers or heaters.
  • Don't boil a full kettle when you only need one cup of tea.
  • Avoid screen savers – encourage staff to switch off their computer monitors when away from their desk. 

Just doing these few simple things could save your business hundreds of pounds over the course of a year - and they are all such easy things to do.

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