Local Guides for Telford, Shropshire
9th July 2014
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As part of my work experience with The Best of Telford and Wrekin, I've been working on updating some of the local guides. 

To help decide which guides I should work on, Keith posed the question 'If you had just moved to Telford, what would you need to know most?

So I've listed ten things and I'm working on updating them. 

One of the local guides I have added is Madeley Academy. We had to delete the old Local Guide since, not only was it out of date, but it had the completely wrong link on it. Which, in all fairness, made me laugh a bit. 

I've also added Tesco Madeley! I'll probably end up adding another couple of different Tesco stores because I know you don't all live in or close to Madeley. 

I hope this is helpful to you all, especially if you've just moved here!

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