June 2012: Microchip Awareness Month! Information for pet owners from Pearl Vets in Telford.
6th June 2012
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June 2012: Microchip Awareness Month! Information for pet owners from Pearl Vets in Telford.

Microchipping your pet is a great way to permanently mark them as your own, if you are not sure here are a few of the usual questions we get asked here at Pearl Vets. If I have missed any just give us a call and we will fill in the gaps for you!

What exactly is a microchip?
A microchip is a small device (about the size of a grain of rice) that contains a unique number. It can be scanned and through the number:
the name, address and telephone number to which that chip is registered can then be retrieved.

How is it administered?
In a similar way to vaccination the chip is injected between the shoulder blades just underneath the skin. It is quick and easy to do and can be done in an ordinary consultation no sedation or anaesthetic is required.

How is the number read?
Most veterinary surgeries, pet rescue centres, dog wardens and police have a scanner which is just a handheld device which when waved near the pet will pick up the number.

Does any of this hurt?
A sharp scratch may be felt on injection, but once its done thats it, scanning it is completely painless. We can also place the chip if your pet is having an anaesthetic for another procedure such as neutering.

Is it expensive?
No. It costs £15.65 or £13.04 if done with another procedure under anaesthetic.

What if I move?
When you have your pet microchipped the number will be registered to your name address and you can log up to 4 telephone numbers to that unique number. If you move you will just need to let your microchip company know of your new address and there is usually a small administration charge but your details will then be updated.

Does this mean I don't need a collar with a name tag any more?
No! The collar and name tag are still a great identifier and can be read by anyone. They do sometimes get parted from their owner which is why it is best to have both for your dog. Cats and collars are not always such a good idea as they do sometimes get paws caught. If you do want to use one look for one with elastic or the quick release type.

I have given a new home to a pet which already has a microchip how can I re-register the chip to me?
You need to get written consent from the previous owner that they are happy to transfer ownership to yourself. This is an important security feature to prevent theft.

We would be delighted to see all animals microchipped here at Pearl as so often we get unidentified animals brought to us and it is unfortunate to see them rehomed when they may have a loving home already.

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