Is your business generic?
4th February 2015
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Obviously I am biased towards using a professional photographer but hear me out.


Most of us can spot a stock image when we go to a website or see a flyer. And that is the main problem. Stock images tend to be generic so a wide range of businesses can use them. The problem is that using them can make your business look generic also.


Most of us run SME’s and it can be tough to stand out. If we’re using generic images in our marketing then it can send the wrong message. Your business “image” is such an important consideration in todays visually conscious world. 


There are many ways in which we can use photography to add that personal touch to our marketing. Here are a few to give you an idea...



  • Staff Pictures - show the people who make your business great.
  • Your products - use pictures of what you make and sell not some generic product.
  • Tell your story - have pictures taken of where you are and what you do.
  • Get customers involved - got happy customers? ask them for a review and get a picture taken with them.
  • Do you support a charity? - have pictures taken that show your business cares.



I’d like to think that our businesses are not generic. That we go the extra mile for our customers and that we try and offer as personal a service as possible. Do the images we use in marketing reflect this though?

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