How to Keep a Conservatory Cool in Summer
22nd June 2017
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If you've been enjoying the heat – the hottest summer on record since 1976 - it's easy to understand why many homeowners decide to invest in conservatories, or to de-clutter the conservatories that they already have and turn them into relaxing summer living rooms.

Spending a warm summer evening relaxing in your conservatory and taking in a beautiful view of your garden is almost like going away on a mini holiday. The only downside to conservatories is that during the day they can get rather warm. The good news is that this is easy enough to fix, and you don't have to spend a fortune to keep your conservatory cool and comfortable.

Here are a few simple changes, as recommended by companies like Trotfield Windows that will keep your conservatory at a comfortable temperature under the summer sun:


Blinds work both ways – in the summer, they keep heat out, and in the winter they keep heat in. This makes blinds a great addition to any conservatory. Temperature management is not the only feature of blinds;  blinds also block out glare from the sun and offer privacy when it's needed.


Window Films

Another good way to manage heat in your conservatory is to fit window films. These films work by filtering UV light, reducing glare and stopping too much heat from passing through the glass. The films reflect the energy from the sun away from the conservatory, ensuring that it stays at a pleasant temperature. Window films are fairly affordable, and can be added to an existing conservatory quite easily.


Air conditioning units

Dedicated air conditioning units are quite expensive to run, so they are usually installed only as a last resort. However, if you really like your conservatory and plan on spending a lot of time in it then air conditioning is a good investment, because many modern units can be used for heating as well as cooling.

One option that you may want to consider if you own your home and do not plan on moving in the near future is a solar-assisted air conditioning unit. These units are cheaper to run, and are ideal for keeping a conservatory at a steady temperature throughout the year.



A good fan is a must-have for any homeowner during the summer months. If you are getting a new conservatory built, be sure to add a large ceiling fan to the conservatory’s feature list. In addition to this, consider investing in a couple of standing fans; preferably motorized fans with variable speeds. If you don’t like the look of large, bladed fans, choose one of the new bladeless designs for extra style. Depending on the size of the conservatory, you may want more than one fan.


Good Ventilation

If you are getting a new conservatory built, a good contractor will be able to include some vents in the roof, and lots of windows that can be opened. Make sure that the roof vents have a secondary grille on the underside for added security, and that all of the windows are lockable. To maximise airflow, it is important to have vents at both the top and bottom of the conservatory. You will need to remember to close some of those vents when the weather starts getting colder, otherwise you will waste a lot of energy keeping the conservatory warm later in the year.

It’s better to think about ventilation before the conservatory is built, because adding extra ventilation afterwards may be expensive. If you did not build vents and windows into your design, consider adding a skylight which can open, or just keeping the door open while you are using the conservatory.



There are several simple accessories that can make your conservatory a more comfortable place to spend time. Keep some potted plants in the conservatory to help with moisture and choose a light colour scheme.

When you are choosing furniture, opt for soft fabrics over leather, because leather tends to feel sweaty in warm weather, while cotton and other similar materials will make you feel cooler. Wooden furniture is also both cooling and visually appealing.

Another option is to keep a mini-fridge in the conservatory so that there are always cooling and refreshing drinks on hand.  This won’t actually make the conservatory itself any cooler, but it will keep you comfortable.


Once you have got your conservatory set up the way you like it, it will become your favourite location in the house. During the summer, many people use their conservatory as a replacement living room; dining, playing and entertaining in it. With a few changes to the blinds, and a little extra heating, you can extend the use of the conservatory to the autumn too, giving you that extra bit of precious living space for much longer.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of your conservatory, contact Trotfield Windows today on 01952 433 149.

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