How to avoid back pain when gardening
6th November 2015
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At this time of year there's still plenty to do in the garden. Tidying up borders, cutting the grass, scarification, raking leaves etc etc.

It's important that you look after your back whilst doing these activities.

Here's some top tips to avoid injury

  1. Warm up - both in the clothing sense, and stretches. Doing activity when the body is cold increases the risk of injury.
  2. Wear sensible clothing - the ground can be very slippy with the wet and leaves, so appropraite footwear reduces the risk of slipping.
  3. Plan your tasks - split them up into manageable tasks, and try to mix up the activity to you're not doing the same thing for more than half an hour.
  4. Keep and eye on the time! Often we rush tasks towards the end of the day as it starts to get dark. This can lead to poor technique, leading to increased risk of injury.
  5. Make sure you do plenty of stretches once you've finished your gardening. Those muscles need to cool down properly, so keep stretching every now and then for a few hours.
  6. If you do feel any aches and pains, please seek appropraite help. You can call us on 07541 419662

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