Guide to buying a kitchen.
7th November 2016
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The look of your kitchen is extremely important. It should appeal to your tastes, but also be in keeping with the property as a whole and add value to your home. When designing your kitchen, the three main styles you'll need to choose between are Modern, Traditional and Shaker.


The modern or contemporary kitchen celebrates the fact that the kitchen is no longer simply a place to cook; it is now an important living space. Modern style kitchens offer clean lines, sleek finishes, striking designs and are often open-plan. Unlike a traditional kitchen, clever storage ideas are required to hide clutter away so it doesn't deter from the minimalist look.


The appeal of traditional kitchens is in the balance between style and longevity. The primary purpose of this style of kitchen is to cook and so it is common to have appliances, utensils and ingredients on show, adding character to the room.


This style of kitchen has a very utilitarian design – that is focused on simplicity and functionality, rather than ornamentation. The Shaker's traditional beliefs are central to the design of the shaker-style kitchen, but it has proved to be a timeless design as it remains a popular choice today. Thanks to its clean lines and practical layout, it is suitable for both modern and traditional homes.

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