Ghosts in Telfords Madeley Court Hotel
16th July 2010
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Be afraid - be very afraid!!!!

Client Evening at The Madeley Court Hotel

What a night at The Madeley Court Hotel!!

With a room full of our VIP guests, Claire Hickman, Physic Medium and her team took us on a journey into the spiritual world

After a wonderful buffet including fantastic Ice sculptures, we split into groups and toured the Hotel to see if we could make contact with anything. I led a group along with Dave, one of the mediums into the beautiful lounge areas in the main house. Telling the group about the fantastic history of the Hotel lights started to flicker. It was raining outside and very windy...could this be a result of the weather?  Or was it someone wanting to be made aware that they were there? Dave started to pick up further on a beautiful women dressed in blue and a man of foreign origin... the lights became more active, dimmering and flickering.

As we climbed the staircase to the Historic rooms people became cold in certain areas and once on the top floor of the main building Dave explained that activity was very high. One lady experienced a headache and people felt different emotions in different rooms. A feeling of sadness in one of them was overwhelming.  Dave picked up on a young family who had been in that room who had suffered great loss and sadness.

Another room, Dave became a little nauseous and dizzy......he sensed a man who liked to have a ‘good time’ and liked a drink!!

Whilst we toured the Hotel, the other group had their chance to have their Tarot or Angel cards read.  Lorraine and Helen our card readers were very warming and approachable on this personnel event.

After re grouping in The Mill, a 13th century building, it became our venue for the vigil.

We all formed a circle and held hands. Claire, Dave Lorraine and Helen positioned themselves in the centre. The atmosphere was changing. People became a little nervous but very excited.

The lights were switched off....the only light was from the moon outside through the windows, the candles that were lit around the room and the fire exit signs. The main door was shut tight. I know this as I did it myself.

Claire asked us all to relax and close our eyes. Deadly quiet!!!

Claire began to call if there were any spirits and if so to come forward and touch a member of the group........temperature dropped in certain areas around the circle, one woman felt like her shoulders were being pushed down, another lady had a headache. Some women were seen to be swaying slightly.....and no, that wasn’t the drink.  One of the flames from the candles started to flicker very quickly.

Claire asked again for the spirits to show another sign....silence......the door that I had shut tight blew open!!!!!!! There was no draught, no explanation, nothing to give us a factual reason as to what had just happened. This was a sign that Claire had asked for.

I left Madeley Court that night exhausted but knowing that when I was to return the next day I would be a little more aware of my surroundings and who was watching me.

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