Fungal Nail Treatment with Laser in Telford and Shrewsbury
28th July 2017
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Embarrassed by fungal nails - Discoloration, infection and smell are all to common signs and symptoms of fungal infected toe nails. Here at the Shropshire Foot Doctors Podiatry and Laser Clinic in Telford, we have invested in the latest Fungal Nail Laser Equipment!

Fungal nails?

Fungal Infection of the skin (Tinea Pedis) or Nails (Onychomycosis) are common, irritating and often embarrassing problems.

Symptoms in the nail of fungal infected patients can be unsightly, often lead to thickening of the nail and deformity. The infection can also be malodorous (smelly). In advanced cases, or in those with other medical conditions, he nail pressure can cause an ulcer or deeper level of infection within wounds.

Different types of fungus, produce varying effects, some create white layers of discoloration, other varieties can be yellow or brown!

The skin will always be infected, athletes foot does not always look as patients expect. It usually affects the arch of the foot and general heel and ball. It looks like dry irritated skin. The traditional infection between toes is quite rare by comparison. Secondary bacterial infections, showing as clear or yellow/red pustules and blisters are again common.

In short, the Skin infects the nail, the nail infects the skin and the shoe harbours and infects the skin and nail due to the fungal spores living within footwear.

Laser Treatment of Fungal Nails 

Laser treatment with Hot Nd:Yag Laser following Fotona Clearsteps Treatment protocol, shows fungal cure in almost 100% of researched cases. The Foot doctors have invested in the best fungal nail laser treatment equipment on the market.

The reality is that all patients need a personalised treatment regime in order to gain successful outcomes. A protocol of 4 sessions of treatment and a home care regime will in almost all cases gain a favourable result.

An absolute certain fact is to say that the earlier treatment begins, the easier and quicker results will be achieved.

Price of Fungal Nail Laser Treatment

 Price is dependent upon the level of spread of infection. I do offer on occasion a cheaper option of single nail treatment, but this is rare.  All nails will be infected in most cases, even if not visible. To treat all nails is absolutely key to success.

All cases will require a standard podiatry and chiropody consultation of 45 mins, in order to asses and advise upon suitability. We will advise on treatment of concurrent skin infection and also establish your exact requirements. A routine treatment to clear your nails and reduce the thickness will be undertaken at this point. 

1. Podiatry Treat and Assess £65 standard Consult/Treatment

2. £280 Mild infection of toe or finger nails (single toe or Multiple) 

3. £450 Moderate infection of toe or finger nails (Single toe or Multiple)

4. £650 Severe infection of toe or finger nails (Single or Multiple)

Included are FREE 3 month and 6 month check up appointment, to ensure progression is as expected. Also FREE is shoe treatment to destroy fungus.

Excluded are the creams and Sprays required to treat concurrent skin infections and maintain a healthy foot and shoe environment. Normally around £80 per annum.

Does it Always Work?

No treatment can be guaranteed. This is no different to treating fungal nail infections. However almost all are successful, if I suspect that you are not a good candidate then we can offer two other forms of treatment! So do not despair. Clearanail and Lacuna methods of treatment are also very effective. I sometimes suggest the combination of more than one technique.

In all cases a friendly and efficient consultation and treatment is the start point.


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