Fingers and Thumbs
22nd August 2011
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Fingers and Thumbs


Almost a million people make personal injury claims in England and Wales each year. The majority are road traffic accidents, followed by accidents at work and slip and trip accidents.


Over the last 18 months, MartinKaye Injury LLP have successfully settled over 250 claims winning over £1.4 million in compensation for our clients. The vast majority, on a “no win no fee” basis.


The level of compensation takes into account an award for the injury itself, called “general damages”,  together with out of pocket expenses, known as “special damages”. General damages are calculated with reference to a system of case precedent whereby previous awards made by the courts form the basis of the valuation with an adjustment to take into account inflation.


There are some interesting comparisons to be made, for example, injuries to fingers do not tend to attract high awards, a Claimant may only recover general damages of £3,000 for an uncomplicated fracture. Indeed an injury resulting in the total loss of a finger may only attract an award of between £5,000 and £11,000 depending on which finger it is and whether or not it is on the dominant hand.


The loss of a thumb is a more serious issue and a Claimant can be awarded as much as £32,000 for such an injury. This reflects the fact that the thumb is the only digit that is opposable, this means that it is able to turn back against the other four digits, allowing humans to become the most dexterous species.  Without a thumb writing and gripping are much more difficult.


In most cases where the Claimant has suffered a serious injury such as the loss of a thumb, the out of pocket expenses will amount to more than the compensation for the injury.  


If you have had an accident that was not your fault in the last 3 years which resulted in injury, please contact Clare or Sarah on 01952 426134 now to discuss whether or not you have a valid claim.  If you refer your personal injury claim to us you could be entitled to £100 bonus payment please see our offer.

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