Family Law Legal Aid Changes from 2013; how they will affect you and why you need to act now
29th October 2012
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The cuts to Legal Aid come in to force on the 1st April 2013; but people need to be aware that if they do have any legal queries then should seek advice and assistance as soon as possible; as those with Public Funding already in place will be allowed to conclude their matter.

People that may be affected need to take action now. There are 2 types of Legal Aid; Legal Help and Public Funding Certificates. We will try and resolve appropriate cases under the Legal Help Scheme which means trying to reach an agreement through communication, correspondence and/or mediation. If an agreement cannot be reached then a client will need to apply for a Public Funding Certificate so that they can apply to Court to begin proceedings. It can take time to go through the mediation process before we apply for a Public Funding Certificate and therefore any delay may mean that by the time you need a Certificate to go to Court the cuts may have already come in to force.

If you have any queries about Legal Aid or Family Law then please do not hesitate to contact our Mrs Beth Tutchener-Ellis or Mr Ryan Bickham at our Dawley office in Telford on 01952 403000 or by email at and

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