Children and babies as young as six months old who attend a Telford nursery chain are learning in French and Spanish.
25th February 2015
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ABC Day Nursery introduced the foreign language classes at two of its nursery sites last year but owner Penny Hustwick said they had proven so popular that sessions have now been rolled out to all four of its nurseries in Hadley, Lightmoor, Hollinswood and Preston On The Weald Moors.

Mrs Hustwick said: “The classes have been hugely successful.

“We have babies as young as six months being introduced to French and Spanish which is just fantastic.

“The children learn through fun activities, singing and reading.

“Already some of our older children can sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in French and Spanish which is just wonderful to hear.

“It never ceases to amaze me how quickly children learn.”

The Government announced last year that children in primary school will be taught a language at aged seven but Mrs Hustwick says there is a lot of research that suggests children learn better at a younger age.

“Learning through play means they pick things up naturally and often without realising,” she said.

“They’re like little sponges when they are very young, soaking up everything going on around them.

“There are also long term social and academic benefits to children learning to speak a second language and it can really help to improve communications skills.”

The foreign language classes are being delivered to ABC nursery children by Lingotot tutors, who specialise in teaching foreign languages to nursery and school children and also community groups.

Davina Hamilton, who coordinates Lingotot tutors across Shrewsbury and Telford, said: “I’m absolutely ecstatic to be working with Penny and her team at ABC Day Nursery.

“We first started working together after meeting at the Business for Children Awards last March and we now have a fantastic partnership.

“We started with a trial session with the older children at  Hoo Farm but the benefits for even the youngest children learning a foreign language was instantly recognised by Penny and the rest of the staff so sessions were started to include the babies at the nursery

“We are delighted now to be operating across all four sites and to be working with a mix of age groups from babies through to pre-school children.

“At such a young age children learn very quickly and it’s always quite amazing for parents to hear their child talking and singing in a foreign language.

“With children now being taught a foreign language in primary school, Lingotot classes provide a really fun introduction to languages at a very young age.”

ABC Day Nursery and Lingotot were both winners at the Businesses for Children Awards last year and are hoping to make the shortlist for this year’s event on March 14.

ABC Day Nursery, which is celebrating its 22nd year in business, cares for more than 600 children across its four sites, all of which are rated outstanding by Ofsted inspectors.

For more information about the ABC Day Nursery contact (01952) 245257 or visit the new website at

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