Ball of Foot Pain (Metatarsalgia) in Telford and Shropshire
25th November 2012
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Why Does the Ball of My Foot Hurt?

What can I do to stop Ball of Foot Pain?


Footwear: Changed to lower heeled stable shoes. A reasonable cushion to the sole and ensure that the shoes can not be easily bent in half when held. Think Trainers for a short while if the pain is present at all times. STOP BAREFOOT WALKING at home and use Crocs or other such sandals.

Ice: Ice the area twice per day with frozen peas for 8 minutes.

Athletes Stop Running/Climbing/Hiking and seek advice: All conditions are treated easily if help is sought from the outset, reducing down time from your sport!

Ask for Advice: Foot pain is best treated immediately! Call us for a friendly chat and where possible we can advise in the early stages.  If you have suffered for a long time and have significant discomfort then it is our job to diagnose your the exact cause of your pain and offer the most appropriate treatment. We regularly help patients that have already been treated unsuccessfully by the NHS and also private hospital consultants.

At the Foot Specialists we listen to your needs and commit to helping you walk and stand pain free!

Accurate Diagnoses: Experience is key here. The vast majority of cases are rapidly identified through Palpation and simple physical assessment, patient history and the time to listen to individual variations of symptoms will inevitably lead us to a brisk answer! We further validate using an ultrasound scanner to see the tissues and joint structures beneath the skin. An X Ray may be requested on occasion.

Full Assessment: We identify the cause and contributory factors involved in your condition, it may be foot function, the way in which you stand or walk and on occasion a medical complaint.

Treatment: We will advise on treatment options, the patient is integral to the decision process. The Foot Specialists offer dedicated treatment packages and we guarantee that our results are the best that can be achieved without the use of surgery. 

Custom Insoles/Orthotics: Precision Made custom orthotics are highly successful in treating ball of foot pain. We have a full national laboratory and manufacturing facility on site. We consider our orthotic package to be the very best available in the world.

The accuracy of our laser Foot Scanners and Computer design packages is combined with vast experience and precision manufacturing with milling machines. It may require several visits to get the optimum tuning for your feet, but the response can really be life changing. 

Custom orthotics are not like the insoles that you can buy from the chemist!

Physiotherapy and Advice: We provide all relevant treatments and stretching guides.

Steroid injections: Only when absolutely required will we offer steroid injections. When suggested we will numb the area comfortably first, avoiding the potentially painful nature. 


Our Service is delivered in a friendly manner and always by Steven Dowdeswell. We commit to helping you and your condition and stand by our advice at all times. Please Call Established at the headquarters of a Bespoke Insole and Orthotics Laboratory (Precision Orthotics) The Foot Specialists are true experts in the conservative treatment of foot, ankle and gait related problems.

As a result we are extremely experienced is this specific area.

From Our Tips to Your Toes, Experience That Counts.

For more information on Shropshire Foot Specialists please follow this link.

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