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20th May 2015
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As Chiropractors  we have undertaken a minimum of 4 years of undergraduate training, and a year post graduate in order to call ourselves Doctors of Chiropractic. In order to be accepted on the Chiropractic degree, you must have completed A levels, or equivalent. The 4 year degree then works on everything Chiropractic related (including its history, how it’s changed over the years, regulation), and of course the physical assessment and treating of patients. We have modules in ‘general diagnosis’ which covers a multitude of medical conditions, of which we also need to be aware. Patients who have certain underling health conditions, or who are taking certain medications need to be treated in different ways. It is very important that we are aware of your full medical history, and any contra-indications to treatment.  

As Chiropractors, we see patients of all ages and backgrounds, who have been suffering for a few hours through to many years. We always go through your full medical history, examination of the joints, muscles and nerves in order to determine the underlying cause. We fully explain the cause, and offer appropriate treatment and advice. We are happy to refer you to a more appropriate specialist if we believe this is the most suitable way forward. 

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