Axa PPP registered Chiropractor in Shropshire
26th July 2016
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Axa PPP are one of the largest healthcare providers in the UK, offering a vast number of corporate healthcare policies.

Hayley White BSc(Hons) Doctor of Chiropractic, has been registered with Axa PPP for a number of years. The company has recently altered their provider status, and we are happy to confirm that we will continue to offer Chiropractic treatment through Axa PPP.

The new practioner aggreement allows the clinic to directly invoice Axa PPP, so as the patient you won't need to pay us upfront then claim money back, making it much easier for you, the patient.

All we ask is that you gain authorisation prior to commencing treatment, and that you also confirm the amount of treatments covered under the policy.

We are also covered by most major healthcare providers including Simply Health, Beneden, Paycare. Please call us to confirm if we are covered by your provider. If we currently aren't, we will do all we can to become registered with your provider.

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Hayley W

Member since: 8th April 2013

Chiropractor with over 11 years experience, working from Telford and Eccleshall.
We provide what we believe to be the best quality of care, and do so with the most reasonable of cost. We believe Chiropractic...

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