Avoid back pain this Christmas
17th December 2015
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At Back to Health, we recommend that you keep yourself as mobile as possible! Try not to sit for more than 40 minute stints.

When you're out shopping, try to take your bags to the car as regularly as possible and when you do carry the bags, try and have an even weight left vs right.

Try to keep stress levels as low as possible. It's amazing how emotional stress can have a physical impact too. Try to stick to a 'to do list', remembering to allow adequate time for each task as well as scheduled breaks.

When you're playing with children and their toys, remember to come down to their level, rather than leaning hunching forward for long periods.

Still try and keep up with your current exercise regime as it will be more difficult to get back in to the swing of if in the New Year if you don't!

We have a tradition of going up the Wrekin on Christmas Day, why not bring the family along too?!

If you are unfortunate to have any joint or muscle problems over the festive period, please do give us a call on 07541 419662. We will be open across the clinics until 24th December, and also open from Tuesday 29th December.

Back to Health, possibly saving your Christmas!


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