Are we turning into a nation of Zombies?
10th December 2010
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Are we turning in to a nation of Zombies?

It is hard to believe I know, but we are fast becoming a nation of Zombies. This is all down to the pressures of modern life and the lack of a regular good nights sleep.

A good night’s sleep is far more important to us than exercise or diet, with an incredible 62% of us claiming to experience poor sleep on a regular basis.

 The benefits of getting that all important night’s rest are; feeling less groggy, less grumpy, less forgetful, less irritable, it can lead to increased productivity, reduce car accidents(20% of fatal accidents in the UK are down to driver fatigue), decreases the risk of heart disease, can reduce stress levels, can help with memory loss, depression, diabetes, obesity , strokes, etc

 In short it saves lives, keeps you away from the doctors and medication, it has no harmful side effects, takes very little effort and apart from the initial cost it is completely free!

Over a 10 year period a person may spend up to £2628 on “Yakult” drinks or £1095 on “Seven Seas Multibiota” tablets in the hope of feeling healthier. The fact that a large percentage of people in the UK would benefit more from a better nights sleep than they would from some of these supposed quick fixes. For example the £1095 spent on the “Multibiota” tablets would equate to 30p per day. When you compare this to our “Belmont 1500” double mattress which would cost you £359, this would equate to only 10p per night. That is only 5p per night if you share your bed!

So there is hope for us yet, maybe we can save ourselves from turning into Zombies and get that all important good nights sleep.

Becky & Adrian


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