Are Things Looking Up
24th January 2012
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Are things looking up, well they are for all our customers and clients. Everyone that comes into our business we ask how things are doing and all say that they havent got enough ours in the day, or that they are stacked out with work. Some have admitedly only just started to pick up but thats great news as far as we are concerned.

We deal with all manor of businesses from builders and scaffolders, electricians, gardeners to major corporations and all are saying, or have seen, theresĀ an up turn in work. you only have to look round at the propertys that are now being built, not only in Telford, but everywhere you go new sites are popping up.

Supplying these companies with workwear and ppe. we can see our levels of business is growing from both old and new companies alike. Most companies put new workwear or replacing worn to the bottom of the pile when times are hard for obvious reasons. but now they are all coming back out the woodwork to supply their staff with new clothing. It not only looks good for clients to see, but it also gives the employee a new lease of life too. not only supply workwear, ppe and janitorial supplies we also do t-shirt printing and embroidery. So we can supply and logo all your new clothing.

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