4 Reasons To Use Secure Shredding
27th April 2016
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If you handle proprietary or personally identifying information on a regular basis, knowing and understanding the disposal path of your documents is important, especially if you were to find yourself victim of a data breach. If you have the appropriate practices and policies in place, tracing the path of your documents once they leave your facility will be much easier, if needed. WN Security Shredding offers the structure of a defined destruction system with the peace of mind of a secure process to protect all your information.

1. Protecting Information: A rise in data breaches and identity theft have placed increased pressure on businesses to maintain tighter control of information throughout its useful life and beyond. Whether you manage business to business transactions or business to consumer transactions, it is your responsibility to protect the information that comes into your facility each day. From banking and credit card information to employee records, client files and more, there is a lot of information floating around out there, so make sure you are taking the correct steps to keep it secure, especially when you are disposing of it. Customers trust you with their information; they willingly give you the information you need to process transactions related to your business. If you do not protect that data appropriately, you may find yourself and your business the victims of a data breach.

2. Required by Law: You're company is required by law to have a document destruction policy. With fines of up to £500,000 under the 1998 Data Protection Act for failure to dispose of your confidential documents securely, it makes sense to use an experienced, accredited, trusted and efficient security shredding company. Working with us means you meet the due diligence requirements of finding an approved partner for your secure shredding program? Our certified process for plant based and mobile shredding services will provide you and your customers the peace of mind that your information is being destroyed appropriately and is protected throughout the process. 

3. Create More Space: Those many years' of archived records that you no longer need to keep on hand but are worried about disposing can take up a huge amount of space. Secure document destruction is the perfect way to create some additional storage space in your office and ensure that those old records are being safely disposed of and destroyed. And if you're relocating your business to new premises, maybe now is the time to purge your records. Call WN Security Shredding for a one-off clear out. 

4. Our process is Environmentally Friendly: Recycling still remains a high priority for us and as such all shredded papers are subsequently baled and delivered to paper mills where they are pulped and recycled into toilet paper and kitchen towel. This reduces not only ours, but our customers' carbon footprint, making for a greener planet; saving our resources by recycling. Our process isn't just safer for you, your employees, and your customers; it's safe for the environment as well!

We have over 25 years’ experience in the industry so you can be secure in the knowledge that we provide a data destruction service to meet your needs.

We offer standard and bespoke services for paper and non paper based products because everyone has different needs. A Certificate of Destruction is provided every time.

Our staff are friendly, efficient and reliable, which is why our security shredding service is unrivalled in our area.

For more information please call us on 01952 463379 or to visit our website please Click Here

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