3 Tips for Creating a Website with Wordpress
25th May 2012
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Creating a website is no longer a technical skill for many. Once you have got your head around which buttons to press, Wordpress enables most business owners to at least manage their website and some to make a good stab at creating it from scratch.

Wordpress is the most popular blogging software around and is often used to create websites for businesses. The software is free, and many hosts will offer an installation service so you can crack on with your business website and not have to get to grips with FTP and that kind of stuff.

Our 3 tips for creating a website with Wordpress will help you decide if it is worth doing it yourself, or getting some professional help!

Tip 1: Once you have your domain name (thats a whole different blog!) you need to find some reliable Wordpress hosting. If you want your website to appear in Google.co.uk then choose a UK host with UK servers. Hosting is the service that people like us provide. Basically a big computer with lots of websites stored on it so that people can see your website 24/7. You can't have a website without it.

Hint call 01952 457392 if you need help choosing a host.

Tip 2: Have a plan. Draw out on paper (yes, paper!) the page names that you want to have in a spider diagram type style. This will give you focus and tell you how many pages you are likely to have, and which menu styles will be suitable.

Don't sweat on getting your buisness website right first time. You can always revise it later if you think it needs work. (it will!). Whats important is to get it up and acurate.

By doing a plan, you can also see what images you might need to add, and have an idea where to get them.

Tip 3: Don't fight the template. When you have chosen a template, you will be able to personalise it using your logo and information. Some templates have more options than others. If you really can't live with a template you have found and want one that is made just for your business, then you need to employ a web designer/developer for this bit. Templates have limitations, and you can waste days of your life trying to put those final bits polish on a template. Getting a line under a title in your corporate colours, squeezing a couple of pixels of space between menu options ain't going to get you any extra enquiries so live with it and concentrate on content. You can always come back to it.

As a Telford Web Design company doing this stuff day in, day out, we see business owners spending days on stuff that with a different approach, could be sorted by us in half an hour. We host over 200 websites and have Wordpress Hosting packages available from £55 per annum if you want us to host your Wordpress website. Go on, have a go!

Runtime are a Telford Web Design company and happy to host your website.

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