10 Packing tips for moving home in Telford
13th April 2017
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Moving house is quite an event, so here are 10 tips to make sure moving home goes as smoothly as possible:
  1. Pack in a timely manner

Or to put it another way start packing early! The time it will take to pack largely depends on how much stuff you have! If you are moving from a large house, two months should be enough if you pack one box a day. For smaller homes, one month should be just fine. Of course, this is not an exact science but it will help you prepare in good time and still be able to have a life beyond moving – even if that is just going to work!

  1. Where to begin?

It makes sense to pack the items you don’t use on a daily basis first. Seasonal items, such as garden tools or Christmas light, are good examples to start with. Or start to pack up the spare room or a room you use the least.

  1. One at a time!

This is perhaps the most essential packing tip, pack one room at a time. By doing this you will stay organised and will later help the removal company, or anyone unloading, which box goes where.

  1. Declutter

Hold a garage sale; give unwanted items to charity; sell on eBay, but whatever you do, make sure you get rid of what you don’t need and do not need to move.

  1. Keep it light

As a rule, a box should not weigh more than 30lbs. Any more than this and you stand a chance of a back injury, or one of the boxes might not be able to withstand the weight. Pack light items in large boxes and heavy items in small boxes. This packing tip will save you a great deal of (back) pain.

  1. Mind the gap

Use old newspapers, packing papers, or just old rags to fill gaps in the boxes. This should secure the items for the journey and prevent breakages.

  1. Label your boxes

Packing tips like this one might be common sense, but they’re still important to mention. Write the contents on each box with a marker. Ensure you write on the sides of the boxes and not on top, as this will make it easier to recognise them if they are stacked. It’s also advisable to use a different colour for every room..

  1. Put heavier boxes on the bottom

By putting your heavy boxes underneath the lighter boxes, you make certain no breakable items will get crushed during the move. Boxes full of books and furniture parts are great examples of what you should load first.

  1. Get essentials

Pack a box of essential items that you know you will need first the other end, such as a kettle and a couple of mugs

  1. Get in the professionals

Moving house is a stressful life moment; make sure things run as smoothly as possible by appointing a professional removal company to oversee ‘move day’. It will save you a headache and will be worth every penny!

Using a trusted removal company like Wrekin Removals and Self Storage in Telford will make any move far easier. Call 01952 246038 for more information on their removal and storage service.

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