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One in ten fires in retail stores happen during the Christmas period, here are some tips to reduce risks to where you work.
A Shropshire accountant today urged hundreds of people across Shropshire to sign an online petition to reduce a “tax on jobs”.
PCB solicitors has taken part in a number of national initiatives which has helped over a 100 local residents ensure peace of mind over their assets, raising much needed money for charity in the process.
Earlier this week the Supreme Court ruled in favour of 174 female former Birmingham City Council employees who argued they had been treated unfavourably compared with their male counterparts. PCB Solicitors have warned that the equal pay ruling may not have the far-reaching consequences it has been claimed to herald.
metnet CONFERENCE 2012
metnet CONFERENCE 2012
If you are a plumber, an electrician or a business interested in entering the supply chain for the Green Deal, this event includes sessions on the government's Green Deal initiative, what is happening locally and how companies can take advantage of the potential business opportunities.
Farmers and landowners across Telford are being urged by a local legal expert to take heed of a revised definition of ‘reasonable access’ to ensure there isn’t any need to mend fences.
A family law specialist has called on Telford residents planning on emigrating abroad to ensure their legal affairs are fully in order to avoid a repeat of a bitter child custody battle currently being played out on the region’s TV screens.
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